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About Us

Since the mid 1980'our construction company has developed exceptional experience in the home building and home addition trades.  We provide superior workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. In need of a new wardrobe, kitchen installation, an attic renovation or any other skilled woodwork? Look no further! 

Room Additions
Custom Kitchen Remodeling
Milco's Single Source of Accountability

The design-build approach provides a single source for your entire project. The design-build method fosters teamwork as the architect / designer, engineer, and contractor work together developing the project. The relationship built during the design phase helps to ensure that the stage is set for a successful construction project. However, in the classic design-bid-build method the owner must; select an architect / designer, finalize the design, bid the project, select a contractor, and then act as an intermediary.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Budget Management – Discussing budget parameters during the design phase helps to keep the project within a realistic budget.


Enhanced Communication – Specific design and construction details are being developed throughout the entire process and the focus stays on owner “value”. 


Faster Project Completion – Design-build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because: bid time is reduced, scheduling for the project can begin before design is finalized, potential construction problems are uncovered early, and enhanced communication keeps everything moving.


Quality Control – The design-build method helps to remove ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. Since the designer, contractor, and engineer work together, the focus remains on protecting the client’s interest.

Home Remoldeling New Windows
Insured and Guaranteed

Your Satisfaction Matters! Warranty Information 

Milco LLC offers one of the most comprehensive and longest warranty programs in the building industry, underwritten by Home Buyers Warranty Corporation. We do this for two reasons: First, it's an expression of confidence in the quality of our construction. Second, it's a reflection of our strong desire to provide each customer with a positive building experience and worry free living for years to come. 

Our mission statement, "Exceeding Expectations Everyday!" reflects our devotion to customer satisfaction. Every Milco employee is committed to meeting your expectations.


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